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Ashley November 19, 2020

Tips for Adopting a Dog During the Coronavirus from

November 19, 2020

Sleeping dog

If you’re working from home these days, you may be tempted to adopt a furry home office companion. Go for it! Dogs enrich our lives in countless ways. While they could be a lot of work, they provide many years of unconditional love and unwavering support. But first, make sure you do your research because adopting a dog is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of careful planning. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips and resources to ensure your adoption goes smoothly.

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Ashley December 11, 2019

Things To Do With Your Dog After Training Part 1

December 11, 2019

Do more with your dog, nose work with Zeus

Have you ever sat home with your dog ad wondered what else you could do with them? Well, I've got a few ideas for you to do more with your dog that will be fun for both you and your dog!

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Ashley May 29, 2019

Have you ever heard of Littermate Syndrome?

May 29, 2019

Goldendoodle Littermates

What is Littermate Syndrome? The more the merrier does not apply when talking about puppies. What’s better than one puppy? How about two puppies? NOPE.

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Ashley May 15, 2019

The Go Bag aka. Doggy Diaper Bag

May 15, 2019

Do Yoga! Pick up your dogs poop!

I want to take my dog with me everywhere but what should I take with me?

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Ashley April 25, 2019

Why do my dogs hackles go up?

April 25, 2019

Examples of piloerection in people and dogs

What the hell is piloerection?
Why does my dogs hair stand up on his back?
What does it mean when my dogs hackles are up?

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Ashley March 17, 2019

Dogs and Beer - Responsibly

March 17, 2019

Dog pack demonstrating place at Heavy Seas Brewery

OMG! Guys! If you haven't gotten to hang out with your dog in the taproom of Heavy Seas Beer, you're missing out! They are always so wonderful to us and our dogs when we visit.

PLEASE make sure your dogs follow the basic rules of respect of this amazing establishment so that we can continue to frequent.

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